AI  in  Energy & Distribution


Big energy companies have a big problem. They need more and better data to run their businesses more cleanly and efficiently, as well as to deal with the increase in floods, wildfires and extreme heat that's putting pressure on their infrastructure. 


Many of the companies are using AI to do things such as slash energy use in buildings, monitor powerlines, and pipelines, and predict when energy gear might fail. Technology that can help energy companies better predict how their energy infrastructure will perform or when it will need maintenance.

Predictive Analytics

 Use predictive analytics to improve equipment operation and maintenance and provide for downtime, which can extend the life of the equipment.

To face the various challenges that come up, it appears that one of the key sustainable and reliable solutions is Intelligent Energy Storage, where artificial intelligence is the brain. This “Smart grid with energy storage” will continuously collect and synthesize huge amounts of data from smart sensors to make timely decisions on how best to allocate energy resources. In addition, advances made from “deep learning” algorithms, a system in which machines learn by themselves from pattern and anomaly markings in large data sets, will revolutionize demand and supply of the energy economy.

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