Masterkey 4.0 Team  &  The Impact

We’re a tech company that  believes in innovation through collaboration. Whatever we do we want to create a product that will make people happier.Team members are from US and EU. Most of them are HW & SW experts.


We’ve already developed  a  successful project  iEmbryo.  The  iEmbryo  enables  pregnant  women to  have  24/7  insight  into  child's  development, health and to avoid premature birth. 


Our  Story


My  name  is  Michael. I'm  a  computer  expert  and  an  enterpreneur. I also develop  computer  peripherals. In  my  spare  time,  I  like to cycle,  watch movies,  and  enjoy   delicious  food at  restaurants  . 


I  came  up  with  the  idea  for  the  Masterkey  adapter  on  one  of  my  business  trips. Because we are  always on the move, we must  perform  several  tasks  in  different  places:  at  home,  at  work, with our  clients,  when  we  wait,  when  we  travel,  at  our  friends'  parties, and  while  commuting.  We  always  want  to  have  a  computer, a tablet,  a  projector  or  a  device for playing games or watch TV. 

However, we do  not  want  to  feel  the  burden  of  carrying  multiple  devices  or  carting  large  consoles  around  with  us. 

With Masterkey, you  can simply  transform  your smart phone, which  is  always  with  you, into a powerful  little  device  that  satisfies  all your communications  and  gaming  needs. In many cases better than others. You  can  use  it  anywhere  and  anytime  with  all  of  the applications  that  exist  on  the  market.


We've  invested  a lot  of  effort,  time,  knowledge,  and  funds  into  this  project. The  best  and  the   highest  quality  suppliers  have  been  chosen for the components, manufacturers and developers . 

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