Home Edition

BENEFITS     Masterkey 4.0  Home Edition

Your smart phone + Masterkey =  TV, video phone,  smart projector,   gaming  machine and a computer!

We  present  to you  a  light  and  powerful  adapter called Masterkey 4.0. Connect  it  with  your  smart phone  and  you  can  enjoy  watching  your  favorite  TV  shows,  play  games,  make  presentations  and  work. 

Video Phone. Big Size.

Keep in touch with family and friends. Easy and user-friendly.

You can talk to your children, grandchildren, wife, husband, parents, friends or business partner on  giant screen as they are beside you.


You can use it at home or on travel. It's simple and in  most   cases free.


With Masterkey 4.0  you are always with your dearest  ones. Nurture relationships with your loved ones.

Let's Play


We love computer games & movies or AR on a GIANT SCREEN anywhere.

Wish you'd play your favorite game on giant screen or be a part of  a movie? Let's do it. 


Also your kids can now play or  watch cartoons  wherever you are.

Stay In Good Shape


Let's be honest. A gym can be boring and sometimes you don't have time.


Why wouldn't you watch your favorite show or breaking news during your gym ? With Masterkey 4.0  adapter time will pass faster and you'll have fun.

Stressful Life


Relax & calm. Take time for yourself.

Make your own place with your own ambient. You can use your images, yoga, positive confirmations.


Whatever makes you feel happy.Project them on the wall of your home. It doesn't matter if you are at home or on the go.


Also, you can  easily learn new skills like dancing or golf stance with an enlarged video tutorial.

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