This is Masterkey 4.0

Your smart phone + Masterkey=
laptop,  video phone,  TV screen,  smart  projector  or  gaming machine.  
All in one.
BENEFITS     Masterkey 4.0  short Summary

All in one. All in your pocket.

The MasterKey 4.0 is world's first powerful & wearable adapter that turns your smart phone into a computer, TV screen, smart projector or device for playing games in an instant .


You can carry it wherever you go. It can be used at home, at work, on the road, for business, when travelling or just for fun.

Computer games & movies or AR on a GIANT SCREEN anywhere.

Wish you'd play your favorite game on giant screen or be a part of  a movie? Let's do it. 


Also your kids can now play or  watch cartoons  wherever you are.

BENEFITS     Masterkey 4.0 Business Edition

Are You in Business?

Masterkey 4.0  BE is the easiest way to define your prospect's hot button.

How it works (Business Edition)?

Masterkey 4.0  Business Edition (BE) is designed for sales teams and businesses. Let's say you have a presentation in front of six people and you try to present your service or product which is too big or too small or maybe too complicated.

What you need is a wearable smart projector. Masterkey 4.0  BE has a built in kinesthetic sensor and software that recognizes the interest in your presentation on the faces of your prospects.

We developed software that recognizes facial patterns (interested in, or not interested in), facial features, face recognition, gender and age recognition, detection of hand gestures, analysis and registration of images.

While you're running your presentation, Masterkey 4.0  BE observes all prospects. Later, software analyzes the facial patterns of those prospects.


Results are presented for each prospect in combination with a time line of your presentation.

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